About Us

Welcome Y’all!

Well, we’re back with James to spout off about all that is going on in Portland. Our new and improved formula is guaranteed to keep your body in motion and your brain informed. Be sure to contact us for recent performances and events where we played.


Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few months. We had a HUGE delay regarding getting our server up and running again (apparently, having FREE server space does not necessarily mean you have priority). However, I believe all is back to normal. LOTS of stuff has happened in between updates.


We had Deep Dish, Doc Martin, and “Little” Louie Vega come to the Commodore. We had Derrick Carter do a no show at the Commodore, but he ripped it up at a return to Sonar. We had the return of the Full Moon parties. But most importantly, we saw the beginning of PLEISURE.


For those of you who do not know what PLEISURE is, it is a bi-weekly event at the Waldorf Hotel presented by Traffic Productions (aka Moonshine). Now most of you are wondering “Why the Waldorf?”. Well, even though it’s in a sketchy part of town, the space we use is amazing. THREE completely different rooms with completely different vibes. The front room where I play (aka The Blue Room) is a large open space, perfect for hands in the air mayhem. Higher ceilings, aquarium and palm tree decor make this room go off.


The second room (aka The Tiki Room) is decked out with a low bamboo thatched ceiling and is very, very dark. This space is more underground and sinister, with the only light coming from the visuals. Here, Kelvin “Monk” Noel plays more underground house, both deep and soulful. Finally, the third room (aka The Starlight Room) is the place to come and chill out after dancing the other two rooms.


With a ceiling covered with stars, Jon O’Neil plays music to nod your head and tap your foot. Atmospheric drum and bass, funky jazz, downtempo house with a splash of old school are the styles here. This room is the perfect place to catch your breath before heading back downstairs again.


Every week, Moonshine brings in special guests to play with the residents. For July, the line up is :


July 8, 2000 : Marcello and residents.
July 22, 2000 : Henry Mah, residents and a special mystery guest.


The vibe is wicked. The crowd is mature (no glowsticks or pacifiers). The music will move you. By the way, did I mention we sell Red Bull?


I’ve recorded a few more sets at Modergroove for your listening pleasure. Streaming MP3 DJ sets available 24/7. Free. What more could you ask for?


Finally, the last week of July I’ll be in Toronto. On Friday, July 28, I’ll be appearing on Muchmusic’s Electric Circus as a guest DJ. As you may or may not know, I’ve been on the show once already (almost five years ago), and am looking forward to being on it again.


I may also be playing out at a club in Portland, so stay tuned to this page for more details. Thats it for now. I’ll endevour to keep this page updated fairly frequently.


All hail the FTP Server God. As soon as I’m back, we’ll be doing the wedding DJs scene thing again. Yeeah!