James Lokta

James Lokta

With the hottest party music, and state of the art equipment, we’re sure
to have your party the talk of the town!

UP Productions and Music will always display a sharp and professional image at your event and can provide talent for high interaction or a low key show . You tell us what you want, and we’ll deliver.

If you’d like references, we have a long list of Bride & Grooms, schools, companies, and other individuals that are more than satisfied and would love to tell you about their successful event. And even though you weren’t there, you can still see the fun in our about us page.

UP Productions and  Music specializes in providing DJ entertainment emphasizing *Courtesy* *Reliability* and *Fun*. And when it comes to professionalism and experience, we know that you will find exactly what you’re in search of. We are experts in the music from the 90s by the way which also happens to be our speciality.

Our DJs carry back-up equipment and affordable music production desks for every component and we have back-up staff available; Ensuring that your event is in good hands. From mixers, to production to guitar kits. There is no need to gamble, choose UP Productions and Music for the ultimate experience in DJ entertainment and party fun!

Below you will find the different shows we have for different size events. The size of sound system will be based on the number of guests you will have attending.

We only use commercial grade equipment to ensure you and your guests the best time possible! And “JUST IN CASE”, we carry back up equipment with us to ensure that the party keeps going if there is a problem.
Party Supplies for All Occasions.

Karaoke and Music Video are also available. You can add karaoke or a video show to any of the packages shown. Standard pricing ranges from $225 to $3000.

If you’d like a quote or would like to check availability for your date, call our office anytime or select one of the links below and choose the the package which corresponds with your event. Your quote will be determined by the date of your event, travel, package selection, and type of event.

Karaoke Services

We can provide you with a large library of karaoke selections from oldies to country favorites. AND a 20″ video monitor!.

Music Video

Our new music video service is a great add-on to any of our entertainment packages. You get a variety of music videos ranging from Oldies, Rock, Country, Pop and Hip Hop plus ambient videos to create an even bigger party atmosphere!

Video Projection

2300 Lumen Projector
– $50 per day
70×70 Front Projection Screen
– $25 per day

Lighting Packages

Par 64 Package
8 Fixtures, 2 stands, controller, cables.

Police Beacons
Red or Blue
10.00 each

Strobe Lights
45 watt or 65 watt available
10.00 each

Intelligent Fixtures
4 Martin 812 Fixtures w/ controller & cables
175.00 Fixtures only with a 2 day term.

2 Martin Profile Moving Heads
175.00 Fixtures only on a 2 day term.


2 15 ft Crank stands with truss mount or crossbar
75.00 (per day) or 200.00 (per week)

2 12 ft lighting stands


Smoke Machines
2000 QF – 20.00
2500 QF – 25.00
25,000 QF – 40.00

Sound Equipment

DJ Package 1
Includes: CD players, mixer, 600 watt Amp, (2) pole mount speakers w/ cables.
149.99 setup

Sound Package 1
Includes: 16 channel board, 2000 watt Amp, (2) speakers w/ cables, 4 mics w/ cables.
180.00 setup

Lecture System
Perfect for small to medium conferences, business meetings, or other social events. Package includes, One 2 way, 400 watt speaker mounted on a tripod stand and one corded mic with mic stand.
50.00 setup (1 day rental)
20.00 Optional Lapel Mic

Rent Karaoke for your own party. Includes: karaoke machine, 3 mics, music.
$50.00 (1 day rental)

Wedding Services

It’s time to plan your wedding day! And UP Productions and Music is ready to make your special day a memorable one. We realize we have one shot to get it right. The best way to do that is with communication and thorough planning. Your wedding day is a celebration with your family and friends. You’re going to remember this day for the rest of your life. Obviously you want someone that is experienced with wedding receptions and can deliver the reception that you want.

UP Productions and Music offers a number of activities for you to select from to make your reception more livley and give you those great photo opportunities! These activities include our new WEDDING WHEEL, the Honeymoon Dance, & the popular Anniversary Dance.
For the absolute BEST for your wedding reception entertainment,
give us a call so we can begin to plan YOUR special day!