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JamesMy name is James and I’ll be your host and hopefully the future DJ at your event. Just contact us.


Here is a little about me.


James Reinhardt (the ‘D’ in ‘James’ is pretty much silent) was a Belgian Gypsy Jazz guitarist born in a caravan in 1980. Originally a violinist he switched to guitar after a fire disfigured his left hand forcing him to fret using only two fingers. Then transformed into a DJ. A wedding DJ to be exact. His education background consists of a degree in precalculus and Algebra from the University of Boston. He produced jazz music for fun.


As a result he developed a highly individual style that fused his romantic gypsy roots with a precise jazz technique.

In 1934 James along with great jazz violinist Stephanie Grapelli formed the reknowned Hot Club of France thereby influencing over two generations of musicians ranging from silky jazz guitarists to bluegrass mandolin players.


James was a supreme musician as well as a colorful and eccentric character who died much too early at the age of 43.

James records was named after the ebullient Mr. Reinhardt by founder Bob Dietsche, not only for his distinctive name but as a tribute to his legendary talent as well.


Who is James and James Records?

James Records was Portland’s first used and new record store, founded in 1973 by Jazz Expert and High School English Teacher Bob Dietsche, the store was an outgrowth of Bob’s record collection and philosophy of Jazz education. He had nothing there except a homcom music production desk.


Now celebrating its 25th anniversay,

James has expanded twice since its humble beginnings to encompass the whole range of the musical spectrum in large selections of quality used and new compact discs, records and cassettes. These days, it’s all about mp3s and streaming so you can catch him doing that as well. In fact, he produces his own type beats as well.


James also buys, sells and trades in video tapes, laser discs and DVD’s as well as offering a wide variety of posters, buttons cards and incense. New stock arrives everyday and the store’s selection runs from the mundane to the extremely rare. James is located on the corner of Stark and 11th in Downtown Portland.


James was a charter member of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA), serves as Official DJ to the Miss Teen Arkansas Pageant and has been Official DJ to the annual Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant for nearly 10 years.

He has entertained a wide variety of people–including such dignitaries as Gov Ann Richards and Mary Ellen Withrow, Treasurer for the US of A. His charity work has included the American Heart Assn, Mayfest, Tarrant Area Food Bank, Arlington Boys & Girls Club and several other deserving organizations.


Bernie has recently begun using Community Professional Loudspeakers and QSC amps. The two 5-foot by 3-foot towers are fed by 3000 watts of clean power. This is not intended to blow you out the doors, but instead to increase the presence and clarity of the crystal clear digital signals from the Numark double drawer cd player.


We specialize in school dances, birthday parties, stage shows, anniversaries, club promotions, sweet sixteens, fashion shows, wedding, & concerts. Email us to book us for any of these events, and leave your phone number, date for the party, and your name, and we will get back to you as soon as we can, to confirm it.


Founder of DSNY, Syed has kept a low profile despite millions of fans all over the world. DSNY was the first desi DJ to come out with a record label. Their DSNY TIPS MEGA MIX was the first remix album to be released all over the world. DSNY is also working on releasing an album with RPG. First DSNY album was released in 1996, and was a major hit, soon to be followed by four more. Their tracks have been used by DJs all over the world.


Here is a latest interview of mine done by The BiggyBoo Crew

Check them out as they usally open for us:

What I Like: My only love Bob Sinclar: a little bit of pumping discohouse with a mad vocal that should be a stomper in any club.


Star Wars A Phantom Menace: Have you seen this video on much or space yet. John Williams creates some of the best soundtrack music bar none. Sounding like something that angels would sing, devils would love, may 19th can’t you please be here now?


Currently burning my speakers: Imperial dub 2 mixed by Doc Martin Solid, solid, solid, thumpin beats worthy of any party Dubtribe Bryant Street Continuous mix of the house legends latest treats Armand Van Helden 2future4U Is this guy really this good? Better believe the hype. Cups: first track on Underworlds new album.


Chilling to the bone. Flat beat: Levi’s commercial in europe that goes thump with a seriously wobbly baseline. Mr Oizo thanks. Summertime: Armando’s downtempo stormer that will be dropped at every outdoor party this summer. Feeling for you: Cutupdiscofiltered mayhem from the hyped up french team Cassius. My fav cut on the album. Still music to my ears: Flowerz: you know, Armando, again Big Love: Peter Heller, love U Tom Middleton A Jedi’s night out: atmosphericdubdiscohouse that puts a mind at ease.


Pete Tong’s Essential Mix: latest rendition with the easter eggs on the cover. First cd; house that should be heard everywhere Second cd: trance that should be heard everywhere Third cd: hacienda classics that should have been heard everywhere.


Ballantynes: Restaurant/ lounge that has serious atmosphere. A prebar where we should all go.
Today is not soon enough: The Phantom Menace: nuff said. The Basement Jaxx: Red alert, this is the new sound. The

Chemical Brothers: ready to block rock my beats.


A real classy club in Portlan: Sorry Sonar, love the space, love the music, props in everyway, a cut above the rest, but I want to see at least 500 people dancing around me, beats that shake the cavities loose from my big mouth, and lights that burn my retinas. And no, don’t say, “what about the Rage?”


Celebrities is OK . Rehab nice job on Fridays, nice space, great tunes, great visuals, but the club is a dirthole. Spend money on cleaners, bars, bathrooms and new lights! Do you hear me? The Wet Bar. Sorry, but that name no. Should be ‘couver’s premier club. Why does it always get fucked?


Ohh yeah, Palladium. Retrofit, what the fuck are they talkin’ about. A slap of paint, a couple new sconces from Home Depot, yeah great job! Haha.


Still they are trying with the boys from Sweet and Marcello and friends. Marcello, get your boys together and throw it down. Props. ‘Bout the lighting: Palladium, replace those tired fixtures that never work! It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled. And I got a lotta shit to say. So cover your ears. Little reviews about the club scene, little reviews about the underground scene, little reviews about the dance music scene the uniting force.


Dubtribe, Thursday April 29th at Sonar. Their own sound rig, their own lighting rig, and the sickest tribal beats this side of heaven. I first thought that 30 dollars was steep (and I still do) but this was a show that was worth every penny. The price was good in the fact that everyone there was down with Dubtribe. Read no losers! The show, wow. The best live show I have seen in Vancouver in a while. Dubtribe puts so much emotion into their shows, perhaps a little bit preachy. Tribal beats, whispering vocals, mad speeches, and lighting that was so simple yet so solid.


Why have so few clubs ever thought about getting effective lighting. You are in the business of entertaining us. I want a show when I go out, not just a black box of a shit hole with a frazzled stereo, a couple a flashlights for lighting, and an inch of some black goo on the floors that makes your feet feel like walking in gum, and leaves your clothes with ring around the bottom cuff. And my new trainers – fuck it never ends.


Ranting and raving, sorry. Anyways, Dubtribe, if you ever have a chance to see them, go see them and stop reading reviews about the show you missed. Thursday May 6th at Sonar (Do you see a trend) Cooldown: oops, missed them. Four surreal girls, one guy, wine, it’s somewhat of an excuse. Pilgrims of the mind: DJ Noah originally told me a bout this lad.


Fantastic taste Noah. The set started of with music that enthralled but was undanceable in my state. Still I was in awe. Then boom. System died. Silence. Then boom. Dropping of the beat and we are on the floor cutting it up. It’s a shame his set was so short. Electronic music with soul.


We want more! Phil Western: “futuristic grooves of alien proportions” yeah, phil told us fuck off, I’m doing my thing and I don’t care if you don’t dance. But the audience stood in awe and was very appreciative. Not really my thing, a little too many layers and something else ( I like to dance) but I certainly liked listening to it. Not enough props go out to the Visuals. . . ever.


Urban, what a fantastic job you did with the visuals that night. Love the guitaring long hair, the football game, huh, it all worked so well together. The TV generation lives. yuk. Another good show at Sonar. That’s it for now. Till next week, keep smiling and dancing on the furniture cats.